Thursday, August 13, 2009

Y siguen los viajes

U.S. allowing more people to travel to Cuba

Three times during the last eight years, John Tredway applied for a license to take American students to debate their counterparts in Cuba. Three times, he was denied.

Then the other day he got word that a new request to take students from New College in Sarasota had been approved by the Treasury Department.

"It really came out of the blue," said Tredway, 60, director of USA Youth Debates, which sends groups of students all over the world. "We had been reading in the press about Obama's new Cuba policy for Cuban-Americans visiting Cuba, but nothing indicated that the policy had changed with regard to other Americans."

After eight years of cultural freeze, it seems the ice is thawing between the United States and Cuba. In the coming months, a major Hispanic musician from Miami and a New York orchestra are planning to perform in Cuba, an apparent reversal of the Bush administration policy of isolating the island regime. A sudden surge of Cuban performers are coming here as well.



Anonymous said...

No sé que opinar de esta apertura pero si muchas personas viajaran a Cuba el gobierno perdería el control absoluto sobre ellas y... terminaría cancelando las visitas.

Evidencias said...

Por mi que salgan y entren todos, que se les escape el control.